Zbrush modeling tutorial – Episodes 8: Rendering ambient occlusion and clown pass

Series Zbrush Modeling Robot Mother Driver X tutorial.
Continue Episodes:
Part 1: Blocking out: http://goo.gl/ST56Gy
Part 2: Refining:http://goo.gl/3b9aTh
Part 3: Editing refinement: http://goo.gl/nfC1ma
Part 4: Detailing: http://goo.gl/u2pUjf
Part 5: Splitting up: http://goo.gl/IcT7Ez
Part 6: Applying materials in KeyShot: http://goo.gl/TChVKV
Part 7: Rendering the base and metal passes: http://goo.gl/ZuQKcu
Part 8: Rendering ambient occlusion and clown pass: http://goo.gl/9FJzW2
Part 9: Editing renders in Photoshop: http://goo.gl/se2d2h
Part 10: Finalizing the render in Photoshop: http://goo.gl/8IBS3b
Part 11: Conclusion: http://goo.gl/veqqMP