What Are The 3 Ways To Bake a Texture In Mari

When you paint on the buffer, the paint is not yet baked on the mesh. You need to bake it. Mari gives you 3 ways to bake a texture from the buffer to the mesh. To see these, first open the “Projection” palette by going to View ► Palettes ► Projection. You will find the 3 ways to bake a texture under “Bake behavior”. “AutoBakeAndClear” means that the texture is baked automatically the first time you orbit around the mesh. After it’s baked, the paint is then cleared from the buffer. “Manual” means that, in order to bake the texture you need to press “B”. After it’s baked the texture remains on the buffer. “ClearOnly” works like “Manual” except that the texture is cleared from the buffer after it’s baked on the mesh. For more useful tips go to http://www.artist-wise.com