Tutorial Windows 8 FTP

New!! Tutorial Windows 8 FTP Enhanced for those users who want to use their windows 8 FTP server.

This is an enhanced version of the previous video i used to have since its gone this video is better and faster than the original. This also includes firewall modification (Just check it the button to enable access XD) but still has the usual basics and still has the same type of setup as Windows 7.

Remember to port forward 21 on your router.

More Information for Troubleshooting:

* Once you have installed your IIS in Windows 8 Remember to restart your computer its important you reinstall to avoid non connections. (other words, if you don’t restart you might not connect to the FTP.)

* After you setup the FTP make sure you Restart again just in case.

* Check your firewall for inbound connections in windows system firewall. (If you are using a third-party firewall you must enable port 21 and allow inbound connections requesting this port)

* If you connect can connect to your FTP locally and not externally obvious that there is an issue check your router or check your settings on your PC. (firewall, iis not working etc..)

* If you get the famous “PASV” error in filezilla this means your router does not seem to accept connections in active mode. Other wise this means your FTP must be switched from active to passive and have to customize specific ports to enable ftp to function properly.

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