Tutorial Windows 7 Jarvis Display System

This is a Tutorial for Those who can’t find any instructions at all for the Jarvis Display System Theme for IronMan. Seems there is no instructions at all for this theme so i kindly went and made a tutorial for everyone to use!!

Here are the Links For those who are new Remember the first thing is to install


Once you have download and installed Then Download the Skin:

Jarvis Display Theme

Now Remember to get your Weather Code to get your weather here is the link:

Weather Code:

That’s it!! Nice Isn’t there some stuff i want to configure but i have to research some more so i can do it. I will post updates if i find more info and put it together or make a video response to it!!. Enjoy!!

I also forgot to mention My windows theme isn’t finished yet gotta add a couple of things more and well it will look better!!

Update: May 31, 2012

If you want to more rainmeter skins i find out about this website it may be old but this site is awesome so check it out


Check it out for rainmeter skins they got tons from small to large themes. hopefully you can guys can enjoy it.