Tutorial Windows 7 Alienware Full Glass Theme

Another Customization Tutorial brought to you by MrBOSSLUIS!

Here is another theme for Windows 7 Its called Alienware Full Glass so for those who want this theme without worrying messing up their computer this is the video just for you. Here are instructions in plain text.

1. Once downloaded go to your folder and patch your system this patch will allow you to install third party themes to your windows computer. If you have not done so patch the system and restart your computer.

2. Go to your Alienware Theme Folder and double click the theme file in the folder and you should see that your theme have changed.

3. (optional) Next step is to change the start orb to alienware start orb. Just run the Windows 7 Start Button Changer and choose the picture that corresponds to it.

4. Warning: I have not tried to install cursor XP on a Windows 7 Machine so i do not know how will it work so you guys have to install and let me know how it goes. So i can update this description. Stardock Cursor XP will allow you to change your mouse cursor to an alienware cursor. (I do not know which one) Let me know so i can update.

5. Icons If the theme has already change the icons for your automatically then there is no change needed. If not You must change the Icons Manually.

Your Done! Five Easy Steps! Remember to Subscribe, Like, Comment any issues or concerns let me know.

Update 10/07/2012

Alienware Full Glass Download:

Software that contain in the files are clean,virus free verified. All files are checked through clamwin, comodo, avast and malwarebytes to insure safety in your computer.

Files have been updated with new copies of the certain software.

* Updated Rainmeter from 2.2 to 2.4 beta.
* Deleted unnecessary files in the folder to make more room.
* Updated Windows Start Button Changer from v2 to v5
* Updated folders (easier to look for things)