Tutorial : SoftImage CrowdFX rotation with terrain

A tutorial – Or a hint may be – for Exporting characters from 3DS max – or any other 3D package – and using it as an actor in SoftImage CrowdFX , and adding terrain orientation follow..
– You must be familiar with basics of SoftImage CrowdFX work flow – See tutorials on youtube –
– All Bones in hierarchy must give any amount of “weight/Envelope” to any vertex in your model

This is the compound we used:
From “Fabricio Chamon”

And this is our early, bad, hard & not finished solution we came up with ^^ as we’re not native SoftImage users ^^

Update 4/10/2013 :

New compounds :
Stable one :

Unfinished – terrain independent – :

* More Tutorials about the techniques and pipeline will show up soon – God welling –

anaStudio ^^