SOA Introduction Video Tutorial For Beginners | Basic Concepts

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SOA Tutorial For Beginners, Know basics. In this session you can collect various information regarding this. Be aware of SOA introduction. All the details have to be known by the participants. Find the useful info on SOA concepts. Candidates need to pay special attention to it.
Learn SOA Fundamentals by real time expert. Obtain details regarding installation, implementation and others. Get more information from SOA Tutorial for beginners. Know its various benefits, note down important points.
In this session you will be learning about?
Oracle SOA
What is Oracle fusion middleware?
What is SOA?
Benefits of SOA
SOA standards
SOA service components.
SOA introduction
What is Oracle fusion middleware?
It is collection of standards based software products that spans a range of tools and services.
It offers complete support for deployment, development and applications management.
SOA Fundamentals:
Its stands for service oriented Architecture.
It is known to be architecture for building business applications.
It provides an enterprise architecture which supports building connected enterprise applications.
Get more info SOA architecture tutorial.
Benefits of SOA
Loose coupling
Set of integrated capabilities.
Service discovery
Business rules
Events framework Etc.
Watch more SOA videos to know various concepts
SOA standards:
Service component architecture (SCA) assembly model.
It provides the service details and there interdependencies to form composite applications.
Find more on SOA development.
Service data objects:
It specifies a standard data method.
XSL transformations (XSLT)
It processes XML documents and transforms document data from one XML schema to another.
Java connector architecture:
It provides java technology solution to the problem of connectivity between many application services in EIS (that is enterprise information systems).
Java message service (JMS):
It provides a messaging standard that allows application components based on the Java 2 platform.
Web services description language (WSDL) file:
It provides the entry points into a SOA composite application.
SOAP (simple object access protocol)
It provides the default network protocol for message delivery.
MDS (Meta data service)
It is central repository inside OFMW.
DVM (domain value maps)
It is used at runtime to operate on actual data values.
SOA service components:
BPEL (business process execution language)
Its provides process orchestration and storage of synchronous or an asynchronous process.
It routes event messages between different components.
Business rule:
It is use to design business decision based on rules.
Also gather information on SOA administration.
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