Should I Learn ZBrush or Mudbox?

Should I learn ZBrush or Mudbox?

They are both decent 3D sculpting software. You can do similar work in both of them.

I was asking which one to take the time to learn.

Zbrush costs less, and it has more frequent updates. If you already own it, the updates are free.

Then Zbrush sounds like a better deal.

However, it takes more time to learn.

What are the benefits of Mudbox?

Mudbox paints better, but zBrush has more functionality. Zbrush even lets you sculpt whaever you want, whereas Mudbox limits the shapes and forms you can use.

Yet it is harder to learn.

ZBrush has more online tutorials online if you’re having problems.

You make it sound like Zbrush is better.

Zbrush does decent 2.5D and 3D work. Mudbox does full 3D sculpting but limits the shapes you can create.

What is 2.5D?

ZBrush was used to create a lot of games, often created by doing flat paintings on a 3D plane. When you use it for image sculpting, you’re always stuck looking down at the item instead of a 3D view.

I heard Mudbox uses more computing power.

That’s the price of 3D.

I heard the Mudbox painting module is better. It even has Photoshop blending modules and layer masks.

Yeah, and ZBrush limits the colors of polygons. But how often in 3D modelling do you have to get an exact shade of aquamarine?

What about MudBox?

Mudbox has a harder interface to use but a better workflow. Then again, zBrush brushing feels natural.

That’s probably the source of the name.

You can always try the cheaper software and then move to the other if the first isn’t good enough.

At I know I have options – and they are both better than 3DSMax.