Painting in Mudbox for UDK (Part 1: Preparation)

This was going to be a paid tutorial but decided to be nice and provide it for free. Head over to for more information on the project using this weapon.

A Comprehensive look into how to hand paint the different surfaces of a game ready asset for use in UDK. We will learn how to set up our work flow in order to maximize the level of detail and quality in a real-time environment. We also cover various advanced tips and tricks inside UDK’s material editor and 3DSMax to allow for the least amount of impact on the CPU, ensuring we get the most out of the engine.

Mudbox: Setting up the tools. Managing UV space. Managing our layers. Techniques on various surfaces such as worn metal, plastic and cloth. Overcoming system limitations. Maintaining an even look and feel.

Photoshop: Managing our output from Mudbox. Fine tuning the results. Combining files for optimal disk usage. Exporting the right formats

3DSMax: Setting up the model for combining multiple textures into one material. Managing multiple UV channels. Exporting the proper format.

UDK: Advanced technique for combining four materials into one material using multiple UV channels, effectively creating a highly detailed asset using only one draw-call.