Origami rhino by Lionel Albertino – Part 1

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This is the tutorial for the rhino by Lionel Albertino.
It’s from the book Safari origami, wich features over 30 wonderful models!
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Really important to know is that it isn’t an easy model!
I give this model a complex because there are 67 steps and that’s enough for complex, I think.
I really recommand to wet-fold this model. I don’t really shape the model in the video because it doesn’t work with dry paper.

Here is the preview: http://youtu.be/6uCGI7uZq1w?list=UURZFMC3-zhoS2-Vkw2U8K8Q

Check out Lawrence de Galan’s videos! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkILQNC9N3MXa5rPqQD9hLQ

Paper used in the video:
Regular printer paper 21x21cm
The model I show in the beginning, is made from handmade lokta-paper.

Level: Complex.