MODO Dynamics Training

With MODO 801 came a complete overhaul of the MODO dynamics system, based on Bullet Physics. Now you have a training video to take you into the world of simulations and teach you how it works. This video will not only give you an overview of the dynamics tools available, and how to use the dynamics solver, but provide you with practical examples so that you put these tools to the test. You will learn, for example, how to make use of soft bodies and use anchors to attach them to rigid objects to hang items like cloth or curtains.

You will also learn about constraints and how to use them to simplify simulations to achieve more complex results.

You will even learn how to get many different items to interact with a wide variety of collision options and setting to simulate realistic actions.

You will also learn how the dynamics system can work together with particles and replicators, and you will learn about the amazing new Mesh Shatter tool and how you can use it with glue to get realistic destruction! This video will give you numerous scene files that you can pick apart and experiment with, letting you continue to expand on the wealth of knowledge given you about MODO’s incredible dynamics engine. Take your work in MODO to the next level with these amazing tools!