Minecraft: Redstone For Your Home #1 – Double Doors, Fridge, Hidden Storage, Auto Cooker

Fun and creative Minecraft redstone ideas for your home! In this episode we look at improved double doors, a redstone triggered fridge, hidden storage with hoppers and an automatic item cooker.

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The automatic furnace design uses hoppers to move fuel and items into the furnace and a hopper to extract the cooked/smelted item. The lower hopper moves items into a vertically placed dropper where a comparator checks to see if the dropper has any items in it. If there are items in it the connected redstone and repeater creates a simple clock, powering all 3 of the connected droppers. Items will move from the lower dropper all the way up into the chest. A single item will always remain in the top and middle droppers – this is normal. If you move the redstone down one block so it directly powers the middle dropper only a single item will remain in the top dropper. Once there is an item in the top and/or middle dropper (depending on how you connect your redstone) items will silently move into the storage chest when they are created from the furnace. A downside to a design like this is you don’t receive experience points as you would for manually extracting the items from the furnace..

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