Maya tutorial: Using sculpt tools in Mudbox |

This Maya tutorial shows how to use the Autodesk sculpting companion to Maya, Mudbox, to nondestructively refine the geometry of a model. Watch more at

This tutorial is just a single movie from the seventh chapter of the Game Prop Creation in Maya course presented by author Adam Crespi. The complete is over 9.5 hours long, and provides strong technical modeling techniques, from blocking basic forms and leveraging simple parts and reusable textures, to simulating real-world detail like dirt, wear, and grain with UV maps and ambient occlusion

Game Prop Creation in Maya table of contents:
1. Modeling a Large Prop: Gas Pump
2. Texturing the Gas Pump
3. Modeling Tools and Small Props
4. Modeling Furniture
5. Painting an Old Wood Texture from Scratch
6. Workflow and Integration
7. Sculpting and Painting in Mudbox
8. Ambient Occlusion and Specularity
9. Importing into Unity and Testing