Lightroom 6 / CC Tutorial – HDR Photography Tutorial

In this video tutorial I show you How To Create an HDR Image In Lightroom

Yes thats correct in Lightroom CC you can create amazing HDR photos.

This Lightroom Tutorial for beginners will help you become better a photo editing and is brought to you by:

In this Video you will learn:

– What is HDR photography
– What does HDR stand for
– How to merge Images into an HDR
– How to edit and process an image in Lightroom CC


Part 1 – Lightroom Quick Start Guide –

Part 1 – Library Module basics
Part 2 – Collections

Part 1 – Basic Panel –
Part 2 – Crop tool –
Part 3 – Tone Curve –
Part 4 – HDR Merge –
Part 5 – Selective Color –
Part 6 – Amazing Skies –
Part 7 – HSL –
Part 8 – Radial Filter –
Part 9 – Spot Removal –


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