Learn SolidWorks Simulation in Under 11 Minutes Tutorial

Please visit http://gosimulation.com/ to download the part seen in this video.

In this video, we’ll learn SolidWorks Simulation in under 11 minutes. To do this, we will simulate a linkage arm being pulled with a force of 500 lbs. This linkage arm will eventually be manufactured through a casting process. With this said, our goal will be to vary the geometry of the linkage arm to reduce the volume of alloy steel needed while maintaining or reducing the stress. We will learn how to turn on the simulation add in, create a simulation, navigate the simulation user interface, setup a simulation, run a simulation, analyze the results from a simulation and make changes to improve the geometry.

Notable Points:

0:39 Finding the volume of the part through “Mass Properties”

Volume = 6.92 Cubic Inches

1:20 Turn on the simulation add in

1:55 Create the simulation

2:22 Navigating the user interface

3:05 Discussion on the components of a simulation

4:30 Applying material

5:22 Applying a fixture

6:05 Applying a load

7:30 Create mesh and run

7:50 Discussion of max stress

Maximum stress = 1.97e3 psi

8:42 Changing the geometry of the model

10:10 Rerunning the analysis

10:15 Discussion on stress

Maximum stress = 1.93e3 psi (not too much change)

10:29 Measuring the volume of the part through “Mass Properties”

Volume = 5.82 cubic inches (~15% reduction in the amount of material used)