Filling a container with marbles – Tutorial – 3dsmax 2013 + MassFX

please like and subscribe! This is the first video of MANY more to come as you guys show more interest in my tutorials. I will be gearing towards easy and efficient ways to go about things in the software package. Some of my methods are a little unorthodox but always come around to the finished product in an organized and understandable way.

This video teaches how to fill a container with marbles using MassFX, a powerful physics simulator built in to 3D Studio Max 2012 and 2013. I am using 3dsmax2013.

This technique is great for still images if you have a glass vase on the table that you want to be filled with things and sit inside naturally. It’s easy to copy and paste but remember when you overlap objects with a refractive property, you begin to lose the effect you are looking for.


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Rob Raio