Excel 2010 Tutorial: A Comprehensive Guide to Excel for Anyone

An easy to follow step-by-step tutorial outlining everything you need to know on Excel for the corporate environment. Learn Excel in just a couple hours: Concepts based. Easy to understand. Try it now. You will not be disappointed and also spread the word. Website: http://kaceli.com

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TABLE OF CONTENTS (feel free to share the link to video)
1:00 Basic Spreadsheet Concepts
2:00 Getting Started with Excel
3:00 Worksheet concepts
4:00 Renaming worksheets
4:50 Active cells and cell references and concepts
6:55 Basic Functions and Calculations in Excel: SUM, AVERAGE, MAX, MIN
10:40 Finding the lowest number MIN
11:20 Average
12:00 The Count Function
13:00 The autofill feature
15:00 Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division
22:55 Basic use of formulas and functions
31:00 The autofill feature
33:00 Merge and center: Formatting cells and styles
35:00 Types of references: Relative, Relative and Mixed References
47:20 Conditional formatting
52:00 Calculating Percentages in Excel
56:00 Data sorting and filtering
1:00:00 Creating Charts: Various types of charts
1:09:45 Using the IF statement in Excel
1:15:00 Cross Sheet Calculations
1:22:50 How to link Excel data with Word
125:55 Inserting Headers Footers and Commets
1:29:00 Setting the print area
1:30:30 Freeze panes
1:33:30 Importing data from other systems
1:39:45 Financial Calculations: PMT, IPMT, PPMT
1:49:30 Pivot Tables

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