Cross-Platform Development with Xamarin & Visual Studio Tutorial

Cross-Platform Development with Xamarin & Visual Studio Tutorial
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Want to build an app, start to finish, and share it across iOS, Android, and Windows Phone platforms? Check out this course! Join the experts, and build a sample app, sharing as much C# code as possible across the three platforms. Get an introduction to Xamarin and how to use it with Visual Studio 2013.

Using OpenData from the Town of Oakville, all modules build on top of each other and start off building separate platform apps. As modules progress, common code is shared across platforms to reduce code duplication, and an MVVM pattern is leveraged throughout. Test your new apps using Xamarin Test Cloud, and capture app analytics using Xamarin Insights so your users get the best experience possible.

For the code sample used in this course, please visit:

Instructors: Mark Arteaga – RedBit Development President and Developer; Brian Sherwin – Microsoft Technical Evangelist

01 | Intro to Xamarin Using Visual Studio
Explore the various features available to Developers within Visual Studio. Create your first app, using both iOS and Android, to get familiar with the development environment offered by Xamarin within Visual Studio 2013.

02 | iOS Development with Xamarin & Visual Studio
Begin developing the Heritage Properties sample application. Start building for iOS, with the goal of learning key items, such as runtime model, application lifecycle, application structure, storyboarding, and navigation; finish the module with a fully functional iOS app.

03 | Android Development with Xamarin & Visual Studio
Start developing the same Heritage Properties app, but for the Android platform; get familiar with the runtime model, application lifecycle, app structure, layouts, and navigation. Explore some initial code-sharing techniques, and wrap with a fully functional Android app.

04 | Code-Sharing Techniques & Xamarin Forms
Use different code-sharing techniques, such as portable class libraries and inversion of control, plus implement a Model-View-View-Model (MVVM) design pattern. Get an introduction to Xamarin.Forms, and learn fundamentals, including available controls, dependency services, messaging center, and shared user interface across platforms.

05 | UI Test Automation Using Xamarin.UITest
Test the application to try and catch bugs before your users do. Explore Xamarin.UITest to test the Heritage Properties app locally, and also use Xamarin Test Cloud to test on more than 1,000 real devices, plus learn to produce the required test code to automate app UI tests.

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