Black & white x-ray tulip tutorial

The base is my favourite white; CND Vinylux ‘Cream Puff’. And when doing some watercolour effect I always mattify it to make the acrylic paint stay where I want it.

1. On my stripe nails I put top coat on the base and wait until it’s completely dry before applying the nail vinyls from , I paint over with OPI ‘Cement The Deal’ from the 50 Shades of Grey collection.
2. Remove the tape immediately. Wait a little bit before using top coat.
3. On my matte base nail I start by making the stem, then adding outlines of petals with grey and diluted black paint.
4. I make them darkest in the front and make them lighter as I go at the back to create the x-ray look.
5. Add thin lines inside the petals as veins.
6. Finish off with top coat.

Good luck and don’t be afraid to try it!