Autodesk Revit 2014 architecture Tutorial video – Part 1!!!

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The Revit Architecture, is the program that allows the architect to design freely and naturally. It has been created for molding building information , enabling any change project , since it is automatically coordinated.
It is the program that works similarly to the way an architect thinks your design , allowing you to create freely and naturally.
It is created for molding building information (BIM ) , any change in the project automatically coordinate with the entire project.
Allows design the building without software intervention , any presentation work through different phases of design , 3D and instant shadowing. Last minute changes can be made without worrying about coordinating with other design elements. They are complete for the design and documentation of buildings , covering all phases of design and construction documentation vertical systems . From conceptual studies through the most detailed drawings , Revit -based applications allow immediate competitive advantage , better coordination and provide quality architectural work recouped .

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